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Oil Painting Lining Process

Presented here are a few photographs of stages of the lining process. These are not intended to be used as instructions for lining an oil painting. Click on the images to enlarge.

Removing From Frame

Removing the oil painting from its frame.

Old Canvas Preparation

Removing the painting from its stretcher bar.

New Canvas Placement

Placing working bars stretched with Gainsborough's Lining Canvas on the back of the painting.

Applying Wax

Ironing Gainsborough's Lining Compound into the lining canvas to adhere the original painting to the new canvas.

Checking Kraft Paper

Raising the working bars, painting and kraft paper to let them cool. Notice that the lining compound has come through along the edges and where there was missing paint.

Removing Kraft Paper

Removing the brown kraft paper from the cooled painting.

Lining Cleanup

Removing the lining compound from the front of the painting with Gainsborough's Lining Compound Remover.

Checking Original Lining Bar

Cutting the lined painting off the working bars. Two inches of lining canvas is left around the edge of the painting so it can be stretched.

Lining Complete

The painting after it is lined and stretched onto the original stretcher bars.